List of Internet Essays by VDB Published by HNN

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PUBLISHED BY History News Network, 2008 TO DATE

Memories of Life in a Small Town in the 1920s

Republican, Democrat, or Independent: Which Choice for Me? 4/28/08

Reflections on My Friend, the Late Diplomatic Historian, Norman Graebner.

Maybe Add Values to Our American History Survey Courses?

Memorial Day in Mountain View Cemetery, Ashland, Oregon.

Veterans Day is a Time for Love for One’s Country.

Save and Preserve our American System.

Can a Mormon Candidate Rise Above the Religious Issue to Win It All?

Does Mimi Alford’s Memoir Finally Mean the Death Knell for the Camelot Myth?

Reflecting on Military Service and the Individual.

Republicans or Democrats: Which Side are You On?

Remember: Those Notorious Anti-Semite “Protocols” are Fiction!

How to Write a Book Dedication.

LBJ was a Great President. (Title chosen by editor, HNN.)

To Students Seeking the Ph.D. in History.

A Plea for Political Moderation.

So You Want to Write?

Prepare to Welcome Our Troops Home from Afghanistan. 11/1/13

What It Was Like for Whites to Travel in Apartheid South Africa. 12/9/13

Living in an Old Folks Home. It Could Easily be Worse! 10/20/14

Historians Should Stop Being Embarrassed by Our Wars. 5/22/15

This 98-Year-Old Historian’s Got Advice for You. 11/29/15

Let’s Consider Those Candidates While There’s Still Time. 1/3/16

How Military Service Changes You. 4/3/16

A Historian Considers American Socialism. 4/17/16

It has been 61 Years Since I Raised my Right Hand and Joined the Navy. 7/3/16

Review: Gary J. Byrne, Crisis of Character (re Hillary and Bill). 7/20/16

Getting Ready for College? Think Along with Me. OK? 9/5/16

The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. 11/10/16

Good Luck. People of our 50 States. (reaction to Trump’s election.) 11/27/16

What Use is a Degree in History? 12/20/16

The American Press Has Served Us Well. We Need to Protect It. 3/5/17

The Real Reason LBJ Didn’t Run For Reelection in 1968. 7/23/17

Fire and Fury Book Review    2/2018

A Higher Loyalty  Comey Book Review      4/22/2018


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