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List of published books between 1945 till the most recent 2017

List of Published Books

A Lifetime of Literary Productivity                                                                                                                                                                                                                              List of Published Books
California Social Welfare: Legislation, Financing, Services, Statistics (Prentice Hall, 1956). 520 pages.
Welfare in America (University of Oklahoma Press, 1960). 319 pages. Illustrated.
The Heart Future (American Heart Association, 1962). 71 pages.
Labor Politics in a Democratic Republic (Spartan Press, 1964). 376 pages. Illustrated.
Herbert Hoover: President of the United States (Hoover, 1976). 398 pages. Illustrated. I am the co-author with Edgar Eugene Robinson. (This was reissued in a paperback edition, 2012. Both illustrated.)
The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson (Kansas Press, 1983). 415 pages. Also in paperback with identical content.
It’s a Dog’s Life and I Like It! (Bornet Books, 1991; a juvenile; 40 pages.) Illustrated.
An Independent Scholar in Twentieth Century America (Bornet Books, 1995). 383 pages. Illustrated.
Leaders and Issues at Southern Oregon College, 1963 to 1980 (2012). 58 pages
When the Space Race Began (1962; 2005). 62 pages.
Nomenclature for a Nuclear Age (1962; 2014). 32 pages.
Speaking Up for America (iUniverse, 2017). 154 pages.
Lovers in Wartime, 1944 to 1945 (dvs Publishing, 2015-16). 297 pages. Illustrated. Also in paperback and large print editions.
Happy Travel Diaries, 1925 to 1933 (IngramSpark, 2016). 167 pages. Illustrated.
Seeking New Knowledge: A Research Historian’s Rewarding Career. (Bornet Books, 2017) 128 pages.
An Illustrious Cavalier’s Character (A heavily documented book manuscript.) Much revised; planned to be published.
Barracks Administration: A Guide for Barracks Officers and Chief Masters at Arms. (NAS Alameda, 1945, 167 pages, tables.) (Deposited at the Naval War College and the Naval Academy.)